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Dr. Lakhekar became an important pillar for my well beiing and health in HK. She has a deep knowledge about classic homeopathy and she is tirelessly improving it. She “everything is possible” attitude and her positive way of encouraging makes it actually fun to come to her place . and …. it works . Really !!!!

Mr Case ID # 1069 , Age 62, Music Producer, Hong Kong- May, 2019

I find our treatment session very helpful and informative. With my son’s complex condition it has several symptoms that would not have been dealt with any other medicine approach. Also I am in favor and follow natural remedy treatment. Thanks you very much Dr Manisha.

Mr Case ID # 1246 , Age 12, Hong Kong- November, 2018

Dr Manisha has been so thorough. She gave special kind of treatment and individual patient. It appears the study and understanding of the patients personal past background information plays an important role in giving appropriate treatment. While it was a bit strange to me at the beginning, it turned out to be highly effective. Now my problem of eczema has almost fully recovered. I felt so itchy at my back , ear back and wrist at the beginning, which was bit annoying. The treatment is magnificent. Furthermore Dr Manisha is very nice doctor who shows great care and every minor point of my disease. Her thoroughness, warm and friendly attitude coupled with her high expertise are all so impressive to me and my boy friend who accompanied me throughout the treatment. Thank you so much Dr Manisha. Regards.

Mr Case ID # 1182 , Age 38, Hong Kong- July, 2018

I suffered from very serious acne problems and tried almost everything on the internet but nothing worked. Till I tried homeopathy and things started to change. I remember doctor manisha lakhekar telling me that in the beginning of the treatment my acne will get more serious, but I didn’t feel it getting serious. In fact I noticed a difference very quickly. It didn’t happen overnight but I saw changes everyday which kept me going on with the treatment. It took about 3 months for all my acne to go away and I was only left with scars which also healed later. It’s been a year now and the acne barely came back.

Mr Case ID # 1123 , Age 19, Hong Kong- July, 2018


I always had homeopathy medicines as from my childhood days I was blessed enough to get in touch with a Homeopathy doctor in Kolkata and with the time all my cronic health issues resolved permanently.However after relocating to HK initially I had to depend on local hospitals as well as private doctors for my elder daughter who has asthama from age 3 and she had to take puff whenever she was getting asthama attack.Then just one year back I went to Dr.Manisha and from then till now my daughter is under her treatment and the frequency of her asthama attacks has drastically gone down and many other associate health issues resolved.I am really grateful to my friend who has referred Dr Manisha to me.Thank you so much Dr Manisha.

Mr Case ID # 1287 , Age 9, Hong Kong- May, 2018
I am extremely grateful to Dr Manisha Lakhekar for helping alleviate an ailment of dermatitis that I had been suffering from for a few years. I first discovered the problem when I developed rashes all over my body sometime in early 2014. Upon  consulting a skin specialist I was prescribed a strong dose of steroids for immediate relief. The doctor identified the cause as stress and said there was no cure to the problem, the trigger for which could be anything. I would regularly take the steroid tablets in addition to applying moisturising cream to the affected parts as and when the problem reared its ugly head again. However, the rashes kept coming back and caused quite a lot of discomfort and embarrassment as they were visible on exposed parts of my limbs. Moreover, some of them turned into small bruises as well. For three years I suffered because of the problem, which caused me additional stress, discomfort, embarrassment and insomnia. Finally, a few months back I decided to switch to homeopathic treatment and consulted Dr Lakhekar. Her diagnosis and treatment have worked wonders. She takes time to understand fully the root cause of the problem and interacts regularly with her patients, which any other doctor would not do easily. Dr Lakhekar is extremely professional and also explains her approach to her patients, which in itself is quite satisfying. I am much more relieved now that my ailment is almost cured. I strongly recommend anyone with medical ailments to reach out to Dr Lakhekar and take the opportunity to improve their health. I can assure you that you are in good hands.
Mr Case ID # 1066 , Age 42, Hong Kong- May, 2018

I was suffering from Migraine when I was studying in university. I used to get this uncontrollable headache especially after evening and would last whole night. The pain was so unbearable I used to feel that somebody is sitting inside my brain and hammering it. The pain had also taken a toll on my studies, my biggest fear used to come true when I used to get these migraine pains during my exams days and affecting my results as I could not study. I used to get these pains every 2 weeks. It was followed by vomiting and after that the pain used to ease and I used to feel better. Pain killers would give only temporary relief but the pain continued. This suffering went on for several years till I met Dr Manisha and started taking her treatment. I was very good at studies and consider myself to be intelligent as I knowledge of many areas due to my reading habit on various topics. For a intellect like me when I had heard about Homeopathy for first time I was not convinced that it could help or ease my sufferings. But that one day I made up my mind to try homeopathy and it was once of the wisest decision I have ever made. After starting the treatment within 3 months, my migraine attacks frequency began to get lesser. 3 months only 2 attacks. After that I continued my medication and after 6 months there was no more attacks and I started to feel better overall, my digestive system became much better. It has been 7 years now and I continue to be migraine-free. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Manisha for treating me with her expertise and making me understand many aspects and principles about one of the greatest gift to humans known as “Homeopathy”.

Mr Dinesh, Age 28, Hong Kong- January, 2017

“I would like to share a story from my life experience about having a sickness called hydrocele in May 2016. Due to my long working hours, almost about 18 to 20 hours a day as my job is driving so I am sitting down most of the time. Suddenly 1 night about 11 pm while driving i felt sudden swelling on my right side testicle was slightly bigger, after sometime it became so big that I had to be admitted to hospital. After 2 days in hospital and i was given a date for surgery which was 1 month later. Then i go back home with a very sad and upset feelings. I cant work anymore so i need to have full bed rest, in 2 days, i had started to feel like it is the end of my life, and i lost my job coz this sickness was not gonna end in few days. The medicine give me no change in recovery, and more to more i start to grow my depression inside me, In few days later, i came across with the homeopathy medicine, something i had never experienced and i cant even believe that those tiny white sugar balls can cure and heal sickness? I was so much down and so much depressed and filled with stress, no hope of living. When i called up to the doctor, ( Dr Manisha  Lakhekar) and while talking to her, my tears burst out as im a family man and i got kids to feed. While talking with doctor and she invite me for a check up in her clinic. So after the check up and consulting the Dr, she gave me the medicine and i start my treatment. In 3 days, my testes start to lose up very slightly and my hope become more to back on life again. In 1 week between 2 weeks, my hydrocele was just a half in shape and almost in 1 month more 1 week of time, im almost cured, and just a last hit of the medicine, im finally all cured. Now im having a happy life and with no side effects as well. From a non believer to now, i only will choose homeopathy treatment for any of my up coming sickness. 1 thing more i wanna add, i really have no words to thanks to Dr Manisha that with so much love and care she had treated me, as she understand of my feelings of my emotions and stress, she really had given me a new life, i wanna deeply thank you madem ji, you really had came into my life as a prophet, a messenger of god. Madem ji, god bless you. Thank you once again.”  

Mr Naman, Age 44, Hong Kong- January, 2016
Since my birth, I was not able to eat any wheat based products because I was suffering from Coeliac disease. I tried western and other treatments which did not help much. After taking 1 month of treatment I started eating few biscuits and now after 3 months I can eat all wheat products without any problem. I am extremely thankful to Manisha.
Ms Christina, Age 18, Hong Kong- January, 2014


I was suffering from a viral infection of skin for 6-7 months. I tried various medication but it didn’t work and even got to know that it there was no permanent cure in western medicine and it can come back often. Then I consulted Dr. Manisha whom my friend had referred and started my treatment over the phone and skype. With her meticulous and detailed questioning and examination of my reports and careful diagnosis, she gave me medicine for 3 months but within a month I was amazed to see the results. Now I am completely free from the disorder. Many thanks to Dr.Manisha for the excellent treatment, I have referred my Sister to her as well.
Ms Priyanka, Age 26, Pune- April, 2012

Thanks to Manisha for helping me to be relieved from severe migraine that I was suffering from since past 6 years or so that I can remember. It was becoming unbearable and my suffering was getting worse day by day. She was very much patient to listen to all my queries time and again. I followed her directions and now feel much better and healthier. The small pills have worked wonders for me.
Mrs Vaishali, Age 42, Mumbai- January, 2011
I met Dr Manisha as an anxious mother of 18 month old. My son had a lot of teething discomfort. She listened to me patiently and asked lot of questions. I was impressed by the way she diagnosed the problem and reassured me. The treatment worked wonders and helped my son a lot. Dr Manisha apart from being a knowledgeable health practitioner is a wonderful human being too. She makes you feel at ease by her pleasant personality. When I met her next it was with a 5-6 year old migraine problem which was making things difficult for me. I liked her professionalism and the fact that she had studied my case history very well made me trust her. Today my migraine is well under control all thanks to her.
Mrs. Mishra, Age 33, Hong Kong- December, 2013


Disclaimer: The names and personal details of the patients are changed intentionally to not reveal their personal information.