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Cases – Before/After

Case ID# 1455 – Another case with phenomenal result. Superfast recovery with least pain. Patient suffering from Shingles(Herpes Zoster). After 1 week of homeopathy treatment there was considerable reduction in pain,itching and rashes. Patient has now recovered completely.


Case#1400 . Female

Recent case of a patient who dreaded getting surgery done to remove this cyst came to us for natural homeopathy treatment. The result surgery was done by nature’s way without scalpel, stitches or cutting.


Case# 1123, Female 19 year old.

I suffered from very serious acne problems and tried almost everything on the internet but nothing worked. Till I tried homeopathy and things started to change. I remember doctor Manisha Lakhekar telling me that in the beginning of the treatment my acne will get more serious, but I didn’t feel it getting serious. In fact I noticed a difference very quickly. It didn’t happen overnight but I saw changes everyday which kept me going on with the treatment. It took about 3 months for all my acne to go away and I was only left with scars which also healed later. It’s been a year now and the acne barely came back.



A case of 5 year old girl suffering from eczema(dermatitis) since birth. She is doing absolutely fine after treatment since 7 months and no more relapses. Gentle holistic healing with Homeopathy improved her skin condition, overall behavior, became less cranky than before and improved learning abilities. And the best part is kids are very happy to take homeopathy medicine because of yummy ???white pills! — withDrManisha Lakhekar.






Disclaimer: Photos for reference only. The results will vary from patients to patients and also the remedy used to treat will be different due to individualization nature of homeopathy. Read more…Details in this Link.