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We have a wide range of frequently used homeopathy remedies in 30C, 200C and 1 M potencies. The medicines are from famous and recognized brands in India and Germany. For rare medicines please contact us on +852 6464 3584  for checking the availability. Shipping is not available currently please visit our center in Tsim Sha Tsui for ordering and collecting the remedies. The remedies will be provided in globules form and in glass bottles.

Our Glass Bottles in which remedies are dispensed.


POTENCY – Understanding the potencies and scales

Homeopathic medicines are prepared on one of two scales: 1) Decimal(X) Scale 2)  Centesimal(C) Scale.

Decimal(X) Scale:  In a decimal preparation, one part of the original mother tincture of the substance, which is prepared in a specific and standardized way, is mixed with nine parts of water or alcohol. This is called a “X” preparation or potency. In a 6X potency, which is widely available in pharmacies or health food stores, one part of the 1X has been mixed again with nine parts of water or alcohol, and this process has been repeated a total of six times. Each time a dilution is made, the substance is vigorously shaken in order to distribute the material thoroughly. This shaking, called succussion, also seems to alter the energy of the substance.

Lay people self-treating with homeopathy often use the decimal potencies, such as 6X, or, from the centesimal scale, 6C, 12C, or 30C medicines. The lower the potency, the more frequently the medicine typically needs to be readministered.

 Centesimal(C) Scale: Professional homeopaths frequently use the potencies from the centesimal scale. In a centesimal preparation, 1 part of the original substance is mixed with 99 parts of water or alcohol to form a “1C” medicine. This process is repeated a number of times. Each time the medicine is diluted and shaken, it actually becomes stronger, rather than weaker. Dilutions of various strengths are inoculated onto sugar pellets.

Potencies of 30C or lower are called low-potency remedies or medicines, and potencies of 200C or higher are considered high-potency medicines. When using the C potencies, professional homeopaths most often use 30C (diluted 30 times), 200C (diluted 200 times), 1M (1000 dilutions), and 10M (10,000 dilutions). A single dose of a high-potency medicine may last for weeks or months, occasionally for years.

LM Potencies:  A third scale that may be new to some readers/practitioners/patients: LM potencies. LM is the “Roman numeral” for 50,000. An LM1 potency, for example, has been diluted to a factor of 1 to 50,000, rather then 1 to 10 or 1 to 100. Whereas the C and X potencies most often come in the form of medicated sugar pellets, the LM medicines are prepared by homeopathic pharmacies in liquid form, then diluted by the patient and taken frequently, often daily.




For Patients

As a part of HomeoCare Hong Kong Pharmacy’s integrated approach to your health, we support Homeopathy as a traditional system of medicine that uses highly diluted doses of substancglobules bottle


es to provide a sense of self healing, while complimenting modern medical approaches to promote health. The use of homeopathic medicines – popularly known as remedies – is based on the discovery that natural substances are capable of curing the same symptoms that they can cause.


With the help of our knowledgeable staff and Homeopathic Practitioner partners, you can easily learn to recognize conditions, select remedies and treat conditions.


Our in house and online store provides an extensive choice of different homeopathic remedies at your fingertips.

Browse the category that will best suits your condition to find the alternatives recommended to you by your Homeopath or Naturopathic Physician.


The small kit  also called as home remedy kit contains 8 carefully selected and curated based on common ailments and needs.

Enquire at our center for more information on price and usage.

For Associated Practitioners

homoeopathy_flowerWe meet your need to provide safe alternative health care for your patient with an extensive supply of homeopathic remedies. Our expertise in pharmaceutical care complements your holistic approach by offering you a dependable source for product and information.

We also have in stock professional and advance use 100 medicines kits which has carefully curated list of selected frequently used remedies. Also we have basic kit for general purpose use.

Please contact homeocarehk@gmail.com for more details.

Introducing LM potencies!Since we have started to focus on new advancements and research in the filed of Homeopathy, we have now well stocked LM Potencies with over 300+ remedies in various powers. LM potencies are also known as Quin potencies.


Selective 100 Remedy Kit

1. 30C Kit   (91 – 30C remedies and 9-200C remedies)

2. 200C Kit (Complete 200 C kit)

3. 25 Remedy Kit