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Homeopathy Medicine Sources

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Homeopathic medicines are prepared from 6 major sources; they are,

Plants – Major source of Homeopathy remedies are Plants. About 60% of the homeopathic medicines are from herbal parts. Whole plant or specific part of the plant such as leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and fruits are used. All type of plants including poisonous and carnivorous are used. Medicines are derived either from the whole plant or from a specific part of the plant namely bark; leaves; seeds; flowers; stem; fruits; roots (fresh or dried); algae or fungi.

Example homeopathic preparations from plants are Pulsatilla Nigra, Bryonia Alba, Aconite Napellus, Belladona, Gelsemium, Coffea Cruda, Rhus tox etc.


Animals – Certain homeopathic medicines are prepared from the animals. The method of preparation is same as that of the plant kingdom. Here, the only difference lies in the source of medicine which is either living or dried whole animal; different parts; secretions; etc. Medicines are also prepared from the milk & venoms of poisonous animals. homeopathic medicines are prepared from certain animals products; however, without killing animals.

Examples of medicines prepared from animals are Blatta orientalis prepared from Indian cocrkroach; Tarentula Hispania prepared from poison of spider; Naja prepared from cobra posion; etc. Few These homeopathic preparations are mostly their venom; such as snake poison, spider poison, Bufo Rana poison of the Toad, Naja Naja from cobra poison, Crolatus Horridus from rattlesnake venom, Bothrops from yellow viper, etc.


Minerals – About 20% of the homeopathic medicines are made from minerals such as metals, non-metals and other compounds, elements, minerals, acids or compounds. Individual minerals or their compounds are taken to prepare medicines. The method of homoeopathic drug preparation eliminates the toxicity of the metals, making it safe for use.

Example homeopathic preparations from minerals are Aurum Metallicum from gold, Kali Carbonicum from potassium, Natrum Muriaticum from table salt, and Silica from sand.

Nosodes – Nosodes are homoeopathic medicines prepared from morbid tissues or secretions; including blood, discharges, pus or saliva. Microbes, bacteria, viruses are also used to prepare nosodes. The toxicity of the substance is removed through the process of potentisation and higher potencies are prepared. One need not fear from this source of medicine as the medicines are free from any harmful substance.

Example of homeopathic medicines obtained from diseased tissues are Ambra grisea which is considered to be a disease-product derived from the whale; Tuberculinum is obtained from sterilized tuberculosis bacteria; Anthracinum is derived from the diseased spleen of sheep; etc


Sarcodes – Sarcodes are prepared from healthy parts, tissues or secretions of animals. Higher potencies of homoeopathic drugs are prepared that are efficacious in treatment of several conditions.

Example, Drug Pancreatin is prepared from the secretion of pancreas.  Some homeopathic medicines are prepared from secreted by human or animal.

Example homeopathic preparations from hormonal secretions are Thyroidinum from thyroid hormone and Adreanline from adrenaline. Cortisone – a steroid hormone secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland. Insulin – a pancreatic hormone that controls sugar metabolism in the body. Pepsin – a digestive enzyme produced in the stomach, which converts proteins into peptones – produced from the stomach of hog or pig (secretin).


Imponderabilia – Imponderabilia means “which is not weighable”.  Substances which have no perceptible weights are used from preparing homoeopathic medicines. IMPONDERABILIA are immaterial ‘dynamic’ energies that are utilized as potentized homoeopathic medicines. Drugs are prepared from immaterial power or universal energies such as electricity, magnetism, X-rays, Sunrays, Lunar rays, etc. Hahnemann observes in his Organon, aphorism 280, Footnote that, “even imponderable agencies can produce most violent effects upon man.”

Example of a drug prepared from imponderabilia is X- Ray which is prepared by exposing alcohol to X–rays.


Interesting Fact: According to the latest information the number has just passed 8,200 (Source https://www.provings.info/ -> 8394 single remedies in their natural systematic position). Of this figure there are a total of 5,800 remedies which have provings. The total number of remedies now, is not going to grow very much anymore. The lists of most important manufacturers have been included – interestingly there are 95% of remedies where there is a manufacturer actually known.