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Homeopathy –  An alternative medicine system

Homeopathy –  An alternative medicine system

Medicine dominates our life from the day we are born, knowingly or unknowingly whether it is through a saline drip during delivery or a vaccine to your newborn.

If we have fever for example, we will go to the doctor he will prescribe us some medicine we will buy it from pharmacy and onwards pharmacist becomes our doctor. Sometimes we are taking the same antibiotic for viral fever which is in vain.

Popping pill for low grade fever, headache, cold coryza or even a mild skin rash is now seen as normal. But no it is not. Overuse of these drugs induced illnesses called as iatrogenic illnesses which are much more difficult, complex and critical to treat. So one has to be cautious and not self prescribe and consume medicine for minor ailments on regular basis making it  habit.

It is vital to understand what we are doing with our body and worse we are allowing to be done under the name of self prescription.

There are many alternative ways which we can use to heal ourselves in more natural way.

Homeopathy is one of them………

In homoeopathy we are giving medicine in ultra-diluted substances, mostly in pills form which will only stimulate your natural power of healing your body with the help of vital force. In homeopathy the medicine is given on basis on individualization,  hence different patient can get different medicine for the same disease.  So the homeopathy medicines cannot be generalised, and each person needs to be given specialised treatment.

Thus the remedy is merely a dynamic, potent, individualized trigger, prepared from plants, minerals etc. The source of the remedies exist in nature in natural form.

Homoeopathy is a comprehensive system for both acute and chronic illnesses. Absolutely safe for infants, pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly, debilitated people and even to comatose and animals. There is a general misconception that homeopathy is very slow acting and only for chronic diseases.  But in reality if the correct remedy is given to the patient based on exact inputs on case by patient,  the patient can experience wonders and fast results within hours and minutes.

Homoeopathic medicines are FDA approved and very popular in many countries like England, Germany, France India , Brazil and many other countries.



This article was published in adesiflava magazine of Hong Kong on November 22, 2017.