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Dr Manisha Lakhekar

Dr Manisha Lakhekar B.H.M.S., P.G. Hom has been practicing Homeopathy since 9 years. She is now based in Hong Kong and practices in Hong Kong. She is an ardent follower of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s principles and treats patients using Classical Homeopathy approach. She has patients from different parts of the world. Over the years she has conducted seminars and workshops for the practitioners and the students in Hong Kong. She is also Co-Director at HK Academy for Homeopathy where there are many  courses taught and major one being the 1 Year Essential Course.  This course provides a solid foundation in the principles of classical homeopathy as laid down by Dr Samuel Hahnemann and the old masters.  It’s probably the first of its kind in Hong Kong with great emphasis on the philosophy of Hahnemann and method of Boenninghausen, so that students can learn how to use the tools of Materia Materia and Repertories.

Dr Manisha presents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy with a strong foundation of classical approach based natural and holistic healing. She is actively promoting Homeopathy in Hong Kong and has already conducted various awareness seminars to educate people about Homeopathy, and its benefits and how it can help lead a healthier life among the people. She is devoted to homeopathy in the areas of education, practice, promotion and research. She is working with a sole aim to bring homeopathy closer to everyone in need and also to increase the access to Homeopathy by advancing the use and practice of homeopathy.

Dr Manisha has completed her B.H.M.S degree (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicines and Surgery) from  Maharashtra University of Health Sciences M.U.H.S. Nashik University https://muhs.ac.in/. She is registered homeopathy practitioner under Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy Mumbai https://www.mchmumbai.org/. B.H.M.S. is a widely recognized graduate degree for Homeopaths in India and is a full time 5.5 years program and bachelor’s degree is awarded after completion of the thesis and 1 year internship practice at clinics and hospitals.  She has also earned a post graduate diploma certification P.G. Hom from the Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy, London, course conducted in Mumbai India.

Due to her special interest in treating Child and Women related ailments, she also has completed her post graduate certification courses in C.C.H. – Certification in Child Health, C.G.O – Certificate in Gynecology and Obstetrics, from Mumbai.

She is passionate about homeopathy and mother nature, she is always keen to share her knowledge on wellness, leading a healthy lifestyle with holistic approach. Mind, Body, Soul. Counselling,Positive thinking and Meditation for Mind. Balanced, Optimized and right quantity diet and Yoga for overall wellness of Body. Homeopathy for the Mind, Body and Soul.