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HomeoCare Hong Kong is authorized distributors for Homeopath software and other software products from Mind Technologies covering Hong Kong, China and Macau regions. Homepath is one of the leading homeopathy softwares available in the market currently.

Please  email us at nisha@drmanishal.com or homeocarehk@gmail.com or call/whatsapp +852 64643584 for latest offers and price details of hompath softwares.



Cure Is All That Matters!


CURE is a complete set with combined knowledge equivalent to 25 Seminars. Includes powerful presentations from 100+ National & International Teachers.

300+ interesting Cases            500+ Multimedia Presentations

3000+ Remedy Properties      800+ Remedy Relationships

1500+ Remedy Descriptions  600+ Specialized Patient Instructions

1500+ Remedy Descriptions with confirmatory symptoms

600+ Specialized Patient Instructions for Clinical Conditions

Newly Proved Remedies Like Ayahuasca, Salmon, Olive, Helium, Ginseng, Lotus, Mandrake Root, Rosa Canina, Rosa Gallica.

Own this Total Solution now at a Special Introductory Price!



Good health should spread like Wildfire.

Take a different approach.               5000+ Cases

Think afresh                                        3000+ Remedies

Get a new perspective                        1000+ Books, 36 Repertories

Complete Repertory 2011                  Murphy’s Clinical Repertory

Acute Expert System                         Journals, Books, Tresorie

Latest Materia Medica                       Keynotes and many more

Good health should spread like wildfire. This has been the elementary thought that led to conceptualizing this software. The exhaustive content, the innovative tools, the refreshing and intuitive user-interface, as well as the value-added services built around the software – everything has been carefully integrated so that you can treat difficult health conditions at the click of a button. It has been designed to give you solutions – be it Remedies, Rubrics, Clinical Conditions, Symptoms, Cases, Remedy Sources at the click of a button. Hompath WildFire is built to make you an expert. Along with world’s largest homeopathic database, it comes with Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar by default. Now you can treat Acute Conditions with ease using this unique utility.Hompath WildFire also comes with an option to add 3 more Expert Systems to it:Tempraz Expert System by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala,Element Theory Expert System by Jan Scholten andSeigal Expert System by Drs. Sehgal Brothers.Any or all of the above Expert Systems can be incorporated into Hompath WildFire at an additional cost. You have a choice to select any one of these suitable to your style of practising homeopathy. Come, experience the ‘Right Click Remedy’.


Important information on clinical examination                  111 Cases

Details on important investigations                                        1341 Remedies

Specially designed for senior students                                   107 Books

T. Kent’s 111 cases included!                                                      10 Repertories

Latest Materia Medica                                                               Journals, Books, Keynotes

Student Corner                                                                           MCQ and Mock tests

Prepare for your future practice with the books, keynotes, Materia Medica and detailed information on how to use the repertories just at the click of a botton. Hompath FireFly is the only software in its class designed specifically to help you understand various concepts in homeopathy from a wider perspective. Use markers such as the expert systems, the clinical tips, homeopathic dictionary, Kent’s cases and more than 30,000 pages of information and underline your knowledge and command.Hompath FireFly instantly opens up various channels to the stalwarts of the homeopathic practice. Use the software used by successful practitioners.